Wireless Netware BLOG

  • In addition to an upgrade to the Beta version of RouterOS, some new products, and the new MikroTik phone app 'MikroTik Home' that aims to help home users with basic device setup, we have produced an introductory video to RouterOS as the main RouterBOARD management utility.

  • End-users and networking experts alike may constantly or occasionally need to contact their companies of choice for support, supplies and training. If you are using MikroTik devices, this article will be greatly helpful for you. Read all about MikroTik and the ways you can find the best products, contact MikroTik's support team, become a MikroTik Certified Trainer or Consultant, support local businesses, and build highly effective and robust networks thanks to MikroTik routers, switches, etc. Start today and provide great wireless coverage for more referrals to your business.