Wireless Netware BLOG

  • Continuing the configuration of our home lab network from the previous tutorial, we'll establish our class access points LAN connection to the main home or office internet switch by creating a DHCP client and configure its WAN connection to the trainee router. Sessions 6 & 7 of our Toddler Tutorials complete the configuration of our class access point, and, in the next episode, we'll move on to work on the settings of our trainee router.

  • To put into practice what we'll learn in the MTCNA course, establishing a two-device home lab network is crucial. In this tutorial, as the first of four simple steps, to provide a simple guideline for creating this network, we talk about the setup of the identity of the first router in this network that is the Class Access Point.

  • MikroTik is continually upgrading its inventory and coming up with new products to better answer modern connectivity needs. With the arrival of novel products such as the pioneer RB5009UG+S+IN, the talk of discontinuing certain older products is can be heard. One such item is the LtAP mini LTE kit-US.