Wireless Netware BLOG

  • MikroTik's new ceiling access point, the cAP XL ac, is "on steroids!" With %100 greater 360-degree area coverage thanks to its enhanced antenna, improved sensitivity, and built-in reflector, this access point fits in very nicely in any residential or commercial area. Out of sight but ever present with a rapid, reliable WiFi connection, the cAP XL ac will indeed raise more than a few eyebrows!

  • In the fourth and final video on the MTCNA home lab network, we'll teach you how to configure the trainee router as well as your own trainee laptop/PC in order to complete this network diagram and easily prepare for the highly practical MTCNA tutorials ahead. In case you haven't seen our video, make sure you watch this entire four-episode tutorial and set up a very useful home course lab.

  • The third episode of our home lab network tutorials deals with the configuration of the WAN connection between the trainee router and the class access point. We'll talk about wireless interface modes, SSIDs, and the radio names of our two routers in order to establish the connection between them and get ready for one final step to complete this network.