At the MikroTik training center, we teach you to torch the network by improving your troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.


Why Join Wireless Netware Mikrotik Training Center

Are you looking to take full advantage of your time at MikroTik Training Center? Then, you may want to become a MikroTik Certified Consultant. If you’re a Wireless Netware partner, accomplish the training to become a local MikroTik expert, earn additional income and help your local community get adequate wireless network access. 


Becoming a part of the Wireless Netware community is a very big decision, which automatically gives you distinction and privileges in the community. After receiving MikroTik certifications, our consultants join a close-knit community, which offers you a chance to improve your business. We call it Technology Fraternity. After completing the course, you get a chance to participate in various workshops. You’re also eligible for special Wireless Netware benefits for Certified Consultants.


We’re offering MikroTik certifications to partners interested in serving the communities they live in. We strive to bring the best wireless technologies to all corners of North America and invite you to join in! Of course, we’re seeking candidates who take academic excellence seriously, subsequently passing our MikroTik certifications. 


At Wireless Netware Technology Fraternity, we take hazing seriously and are devoted to its worldwide elimination. We join other fraternities, sororities, parents and academic institutions in the fight against hazing. We also ensure that you enjoy the friendly and resourceful environment of our MikroTik Training Center fraternity. 


Join our MikroTik Training Center, enroll for #1 courses, vie for MikroTik certifications and become one of the certified MikroTik experts in Canada and across the United States!

How Mikrotik Certifications Work

With MikroTik certifications, you become an expert in MikroTik hardware and software. You can now provide technical support as a Certified MikroTik Consultant and benefit even more from our referral program.

Here are the steps that take you to MikroTik certifications and benefits: 

  • First, you register as a Wireless Netware partner. Then, you receive information about recent MikroTik updates, upcoming workshops and a small gift from Wireless Netware.
  • Now, you’re eligible for one free official MikroTik training course a year. You get up to 50% off on all other courses. Sign up for an upcoming MicroTik course you like and follow the guidelines you receive on joining the course. 
  • While completing training, you’ll learn everything you need to know to successfully set up, manage, troubleshoot and update MikroTik hardware (wireless systems, switchers, RouterBOARDs, interfaces, etc.) and software (RouterOS, etc.) You’ll get a deep understanding of how wireless networking systems work and how you can control them. 
  • Depending on the courses and workshops that you’ve completed, you’re eligible for MikroTik certifications. You can become a MikroTik certified wireless engineer, routing engineer, user management engineer, network associate, etc. 
  • After you complete the courses and receive MikroTik Certifications, you can now help others get the most of MikroTik equipment. Joining the community of Certified MikroTik Consultants, you or your IT company can now officially provide MikroTik setup, support, maintenance and care.



  • You’ll also receive a high-resolution certificate that certifies your MicroTik qualifications plus a digital badge to represent your new status online. 


  • As a Certified Partner, you’ll get all of your support requests automatically escalated to the entirely new Ultra Priority Technical Support queue.


  • You can offer support and other network services to Wireless Networks clients and enjoy up to 20% discounts on all items in our store.
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