Wireless Netware BLOG

  • Explore the innovative world of Wireless Netware Technology Canada's leading MikroTik Training Center. This blog post delves into their comprehensive networking courses, their recent initiative to offer free MTCNA training on their YouTube channel and the path towards becoming a MikroTik Certified Consultant. Discover how Wireless Netware is shaping the future of networking education and fostering the next generation of network professionals.

  • Discover the unmatched capabilities of MikroTik's latest offering, the CCR2116-12G-4S+ router, a robust and powerful solution built for the future. From its impressive 16-core ARM CPU to superior connectivity options, it promises to redefine your networking experience. This post discusses its unique features, potential uses across different industries, and why it's a wise investment for your business. Learn how partnering with Wireless Netware Technology can enhance your journey with MikroTik.

  • Step into the future of networking with the MikroTik L009UiGS-2HaxD-IN. Offering four times the speed of the legendary RB2011UiAS-2HnD, this router introduces an array of innovative features designed to enhance your network's performance. With a modern ARM CPU, full gigabit Ethernet ports, 2.4 GHz dual-chain wireless connectivity, and improved power over ethernet capabilities, the L009 is perfect for those looking to upgrade their network. Experience faster, more efficient, and more versatile connectivity like never before!