Wireless Netware BLOG

  • When working with internet connectivity hardware, especially in intricate networks with numerous detailed configurations, having a backup of your settings is crucial and a total lifesaver when conducting major troubleshooting activities. MikroTik's RouterOS makes it very easy to backup all RouterBOARD configurations in case you ever need to revert back to previous router settings. In this tutorial, we'll discuss how to create and use backup files in RouterOS.

  • In its newsletter of May 5, 2022, MikroTik has introduced a number of price changes for a group of selected products. Read more to find out about these new pricings and how to purchase them.

  • IP Services are fundamental protocols and frameworks that are used to connect to RouterOS and manage your hardware. In this session of our MTCNA course, we review the list of these services in RouterOS v7, and see how each of them can be used to connect to a MikroTik router.