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Don't Miss MikroTik's New-Gen Router!

It's Hard Not to Talk About It!

Being the newest addition to MikroTik's inventory of Ethernet routers, the recently launched CCR2004-16G-2S+ has created much hype. Given its efficient port arrangement, new-generation CPU, single-core performance, and other traits such as hot-swap power supplies, we thought it's worth another look.


Check the video below and see how MikroTik's new hardware is shaking up the routing landscape:

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We've been Over This but Still...

We've talked about this new Ethernet router from the moment of its launch, and since this device has already and solidly found its place among MikroTik's hardware (e.g. surpassing CCR1009s and CCR1016s in different areas), it won't hurt having a closer look.

Thus, for a more in-depth review, make sure you do not miss our article on this Cloud Core Router.

If You're Still Wondering...

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