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Watch Routing Processes in Real Time

Time to Test Routing Processes

In the two latest tutorials of our online MTCNA program, we introduced you to the main processes of the routing flow in the RouterOS packet flow and talked about the different components of each.


Now, it is time to test these smaller steps through logging and see the path used by packets to travel throught the routing flow in a MikroTik device. Without further ado, take a look at the video below:

You Don't Wanna Miss This!

We simply cannot be more emphatic!


Routing is one of the most important concepts, topics and actions discussed in the entire field of computer networking, and therefore, a fundamental and solid knowledge of the routing flow will go a long way. By understanding routing, you will be able to fully grasp various notions revolving around the subject of Firewall and gain enough knowledge to secure any type of network effiiciently.


In this video, we will go over the path of packets from the viewpoint of input, forwarded and output traffic, checking to see how they pass the routing flow and what stages they go through. More crucially, we discuss the notion of connection tracking and how it can be the difference between network efficiency and breakdown.

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New to MikroTik Routing & Firewall?

If you're feeling a bit lost or regarding the contents of the video above, we highly recommend you start from the beginning or at least take a look at the rest of videos on Module 3 of our MTCNA program, that is Firewall.


However, if you need just a bit of background regarding the routing flow, the two videos below can help a lot!

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