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Using Ping on the MTCNA Class Access Point

The Ping in Operation

Following our previous tutorial that gave an introdution to the Ping as one of the most basic and useful network connectivity diagnostic tools, we bring you another episode of MikroTik Canada's tutorials to show you how the ping actually works.

Take a look at the video below to find out!

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What is Ping?

In case you're unfamiliar with Ping, you do not want to miss our previous video in which we go over the basics of Ping, its interface within WinBox, and its simple but highly practical features that will help you start troubleshooting your networks.


Click below to watch the introduction to Ping:

Is Your MTCNA Home Lab Ready?

To begin the free online MTCNA course brought to you by Wireless Netware and MikroTik Canada, you will need to set up a home lab network comprised of a Class Acces Point, a Trainee Router, and a Trainee PC.


Click down below to start watching the first of four tutorials created to help you set up your lab: