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"Ultimate heavy-duty home lab router"

Small, Sleek, Sturdy!

A QuadCore ARM 64bit CPU, 1 GB RAM, 7 Ethernet ports, a single 2.5G Ethernet port, an SFP+ port, and tested performance results that surpass previous customer-favorite hardware: This is the gist of the RB5009UG+S+IN, MikroTik's recently launched Ethernet router dubbed the "ultimate heavy-duty home lab router."


Wonder why? Take a peak at the intro below:

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Comprehensively Upgraded

Born out of MUM customer feedback, the RB5009, as the pioneer MikroTik Ethernet router of the 5xxx series, isn't just another flashy device on the shelves.


Its unique enclosure design along with effective passive cooling means you won't hear a peep out of it. Also, this device comes with three powering options: A DC jack and a PoE-in Ethernet port on the front and a small 2-pin powering terminal on the side, ensuring maximized uptime and constant reliable service.


The table below shows a comparison of test results between the RB5009 and the notable RB4011. The green  percentages indicate the modes and configurations in which the RB5009 surpasses its counterpart.

More Unique than You Imagine!

In addition to the significant ins and outs of this Ethernet router, it stands out in yet another way! Using a cheap mounting kit as shown below, you can easily fit two or four RB5009s in a single standard rack unit. No more installation struggles in confined spaces. Just tightly place them together and watch your routers operate flawlessly.

Final Words?

At $219.00, the RB5009UG+S+IN is quite certainly a significant upgrade for small to medium connectivity networks. This device brings about an all-around performance compared to previous MikroTik routers, and, given its advanced CPU architecture, is already becoming one of MikroTik best-selling hardware.


If you're looking for a place to start upgrading your network, the RB5009 can be a suitable choice! Feel free to get in touch now!