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Troubleshooting with Ping: What is it?

What is Ping?

Ping is one of the most basic and useful troubleshooting tools in the arsenal of any network manager. It is usually the very first tool network technicians utilize to check online connectivity and reachability between different IP hosts.


Check out our overall review of the ping on RouterOS:

Here's What We'll Learn:

In this video, we'll briefly brush up on ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) as the underlying protocol of ping and take a look at the ping utility within the WinBox interface, going over in- and out-interfaces, source and destination addresses, and how we will use the ping in our next tutorial to test the connectivity of our MTCNA home lab network.


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Have You Set Up Your Lab?

In case you still haven't set up your home lab for upcoming practical training of our online MTCNA course, why don't you head to the first video of our four-part tutorial below on designing the home network?