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The Wireless AP Any Home Must Have!

Too Good to be True?

When you think about internet connectivity at home, three words pop into your head: The Wi-Fi Signal! That't it. It all boils down to the Wi-Fi signal, and indeed, the throughput of your access point.


Whether it's an online game, Netflix, social media, the news, or perhaps more importantly, a Zoom call with your boss and a few colleagues from your living room couch, internet speed and the Wi-Fi signal have become the oxygen we breathe in the digital age.


If you can relate to that on any level and you've been dealing with a nagging headache that is the dwindling connectivity, maybe you should think about the last you made a small investment to boost the internet connection at home (or small office) to get rid of disconnects once and for all.

Powerful on the Inside!

Meet MikroTik's hAP ac3, a next-generation affordable home access point that will quite promisingly fulfill all your connectivity needs for years to come. A small step now will go a long, long way!


This home device runs on a quad-core 716 MHz CPU and has a RAM size of 256 MB. It is equipped with 5 Gigabit Ethernet ports, one of which (Ether1) offers PoE-in while another one (Ether5) gives you PoE-out, enabling it to power, and be powered by, other devices.


What makes this wireless hardware quite powerful is the pair of SMA ports on either side (image below) that allow you to either use the powerful external antennas included in the box or opt for the antennas of your choice. Simply wave goodbye to wandering signals that struggle to reach every corner of the house!


Put all this together with a Type A USB port for any amount of extra storage, and you'll have a highly functional and equally versatile access point at home or yoru office that can smoothly pull off a great number of tasks.

And Beautiful on the Outside!

The modern design of the hAP ac3 enclosure allows this device to beautifully sit on an end table or your work desk. Also, it can sit upright vertically to save a lot of space or, to completely get it out of your way, this access point can be horizontally or vertically mounted on a wall.


The sleek matte black color of the enclosure is both chic and quite passive, helping this wireless router to easily blend with surroundings and making your forget it exists.

A Tip of the Iceberg...

Apart from the hardware and the looks - along with the passive PoE-in/out features that reduce power consumption and maximize uptime - this access point is a dual-chain, dual-band wireless device, offering 2.4 and 5 GHz wireless bands.


This means you can easily allocate each band to a set of wireless devices and declutter one band for connections that require a higher priority. For instance, you can use the 2.4 GHz channel for older devices and the 5 GHz channel for everything else, since this frequency is less cluttered.

Moreover, given the capabilities of the hAP ac3 and its powerful and flexible operating system, the RouterOS, you can implement a great number of specialized services and management operations that bring about the maximum level of customization to the network.

If it is secure connections that you need, run a VPN from the office directly to your home. Reinforce network security with unique firewall configurations and traffic encryption via IPsec hardware acceleration. For content management, enable parental control, Quality of Service (traffic prioritization for certain needs, such as streaming). Use VLANs, DHCP, e-mail or SMS notifications, and much more.

If you are familiar with RouterOS, take customization to the next level via scripting for projects such as automating queues based on bandwidth, setting up complex trigger notifications, use backup/import/export for data retention and setup of additional devices.

Let the Ideas Flow!

The hAP ac3 is a comprehensive, all-around device that can be used by various classes of users, from businesses such as ISPs and WISPs as CPEs, developers, network managers in small to medium businesses, and indeed, home end-users who wish to experience robust and unfailiing connectivity around the house and throughout the day.

If you think this device is suitable for you or if you are thinking of other alternative in the market, we'll be more than happy to have a chat and guide you in the right direction.