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Switching Powerhouse for Large Traffic Flow

Manage Large Data Like a Boss!

MikroTik's very first product to carry the notable 40G QSFP+ cage, the CRS326-24S+2Q+RM is a powerful switch that can be used to manage and channel large volumes of data.

This device, one of MikroTik's most powerful devices in the switching inventory, is a highly capable device for businesses that deal heavy traffic flows, such as ISPs, WISPs, and data centers.

Equipped to Deliver!

The CRS326-24S+2Q+RM runs on a single-core 650 MHz CPU and is equipped with a pair of 40G QSFP+ ports for superfast and stable fiber connection, accompanied by two dozen 10G SFP+ ports, which provide a total nonblocking throughput of 320 Gbps and a noteworthy switching capacity of 640 Gbps with a forwarding rate of 252 Mpps with most common packets.


Additionally, this device has a single Type A USB port for much greater local storage, if need be, and configuration purposes. Also, to make life easier, this switch is a dual-boot hardware and runs on both SwitchOS, as well as RouterOS, for the occasions when you're running Layer 3 activities.


This hardware, suitable as mentioned for various types of businesses such as ISPs, WISPs, and huge data centers, is a perfect hardware upgrade that can create that little extra oomph to push ahead your business setup. It should also be noted that, thanks to its dual power supply for redundancy, you can free your mind of any unexpected downtimes and increase customer satisfaction to no bounds.

Down below, you can review the performance test results of the CRS326!

Explore the Options...

The CRS326 can be highly useful when you're responsible for managing large amounts of data. Also, as a Cloud Router Switch, you can implement certain Layer 3 operations as well.

Therefore, as with most MikroTik devices, you have the possibility of conducting numerous types of projects based on your needs, customer demands, business roadmap, and so on.

To fully discover all options and make sure you hardware purchases perfectly fit your purposes, give us a call to discuss the possibilities.