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SR-10U Rack: On or Under Your Desk

Multi-purpose Rack for All

Whether you're working with MikroTik's routers and switches or using devices from other manufacturers, the SR-10U rack-mount easily accommodates all hardware that fit a standard 19" rack.

Thanks to its size, this desktop rack can be put on a desk or mounted under a table, and its adjustable angle allows you to set it up for the best and easiest possible access to your devices. Also, it has enough room on the back where you can attach a multi-plug extension cord for better cable management.

Easy Mounting, Easier Life

It's not anything revolutionary or high-tech but, made of lightweight aluminium to minimze the rack weight, the SR-10U comes with sufficient room, units and spare screws for mounting 10 devices.

Moreover, you can get a little bit creative with the SR-10U and use our tiny K-79 accessory kit for under 10 CAD to mount four RB5009UG+S+IN routers in a single rackmount unit. Also, if you're a real fan of the RB5009UG+S+IN, it's worth noting that the SR-10U can house a total of 40 RB5009s.

Tell Us What, We'll Show How

In case you're looking for a rack installation solution for your network devices and feel the need to try the SR-10U, or any other rackmount for that matter, just tell us what you need, and we'll offer you the best setup based on your network design, workspace, and general environmental conditions.