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Rural Internet Just Got Better!

Rural and remote connectivity is one of the hot topics of today's internet access challenges, evident by certain leading government initiatives such as the Universal Broadband Fund or its Rapid Response Stream, aimed directly at expanding internet connectivity in these areas.


In line with these comprehensive principles, we at Wireless Netware have witnessed the surging need for rural connectivity hardware, and, today, we'd like you to meet the MikroTik SXT LTE6 kit, a capable and, quite importantly, affordable LTE hardware.

All that You'll Need

The SXT LTE6 kit is suited for remote areas and rural communities where cellular network coverage exists. Thanks to its advanced LTE chip design and a 9-dBi high-gain LTE antenna, this device will provide internet access in places where cell phones come up short.

This device is powered via PoE-in, making it notably efficient regarding power consumption. Moreover, it comes with two 10/100 Ethernet ports with PoE-out on Ether2 that gives you the added advantage of powering another device in the vicinity. It runs on a 650 MHz CPU and has a RAM size of 64 MB.

It also has two Micro SIM slots that can be used as backup links and a single MiniPCI-e on its board that can accommodate a number of MikroTik interface cards.

Experience Smooth Internet Wherever

The new SXT LTE6 kit, which goes by RBSXTR&R11e-LTE6 as its product code, enjoys a CAT6 LTE modem that allows for carrier aggregation. This means that the device can simultaneously utilize multiple bands at the same time. Carrier aggregation proves quite useful in areas where there is a large number of LTE users. In turn, the responsiveness of the device remains unaffected in crowded locations.

According to MikroTik itself, switching to CAT6 modems has brought about the doubling of internet speed in rural areas, so, while you may wish to see cable networks expand deep into rural areas, this LTE device will help you get and stay online with ease.

No One Should Remain Offline!

With the advent of relevant technologies and the birth of stronger, more efficient, and cost-effective hardware, lack of internet access is a thing of the past.


As a creator, advisor and supplier of numerous ISPs and WISPs, some of whom are already bringing online connectivity to remote locations, Wireless Netware has both the experience and knowledge of efficiently establishing internet infrastructure and user access in rural areas with the highest level of cost-efficiency.


If you thinking of expanding your business into these areas or are living in remote communities and need better internet access, you're more than welcome to give us a call to discuss your needs.