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Redesigned Omni Antenna kit for LoRa®

Customer Feedback Does It Again!

Capitalizing on the much-needed customer feedback, MikroTik has come up with the newest addition to its inventory of connectivity antennas, redesigning the Omni antenna kit for LoRa®.

The 868 Omni Antenna kit for LoRa®

This 6.5 dBi Omni antenna that cover the 824-960 MHz frequency range comes with a 1-meter SMA cable, together with an easy-to-install mechanical holder for quick and effortless mast attachment.

Its horizontal beamwidth is a complete 360o and its vertical beamwidth cover 30o.

Weighing just above half a kilogram, this upgraded antenna kit has received a remarkable boost regarding body and cable durability in a smaller package. Moreover, it now has an IP66 ingress protection that makes this piece of hardware invulnerable against powerful water jets.


You know what that means: The 868 Omni antenna kit is perfectly suited for various types of maritime and marine projects, including internet access on boats and coastal premises.


Why not give it a try? Mount this antennas on a 25-50 milimeter mast or on a wall, and let its coverage amaze you!