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RB1100: Encryption & Monitoring at its Best

RB1100AHx4: All Around Performance and Control

MikroTik's vast array of network hardware are designed to address various types of projects. However, most MikroTik products are more than capable of fulfilling a multitude of needs on their own, as is the case with the RB1100AHx4 and its more powerful Dude Edition.


Watch the short video below to become familiar with this multi-purpose Ethernet router.

Multi-purpose, you say? How?

The RB1100AHx4 and the RB1100AHx4 Dude Edition bring together a number of vital and very useful features to give you capable small to medium home and office Ethernet routers.

With identical appearances, these two routers pack 13 gigabit ports (two of them being the bypass group and another acting as the PoE In/boot port), a CRS323 serial console, two power jacks for a power failover feature, as well as MicroSD card slot.


Moreover, besides their IP20 (International Protection Code) and level 6 RouterOS license, their QuadCore 1.4 GHz CPU supports hardware acceleration that can be utilized in order to process encrypted traffic on the network.


Furthermore, the Dude Edition comes with two M.2 express mini PCI slots, two SATA 3 connectors, and a 60 GB M.2 SSD, giving the user ample storage capacity for network and traffic monitoring without the crowding of the router's local storage.

Who Uses RB1100 Routers?

The RB1100 Ethernet routers have a number of highly practical features that makes them suitable for various industries. Their rapid processing capacity, along with power failover, traffic encryption, and network monitoring features makes these two routers quite popular.


The power failover feature of these two devices is especially useful for hotels, medical centers, and surveillance systems, for which uptime should always be maintained at the maximum possible level.

  • Universities and college campuses;
  • IT service providers;
  • VoIP service providers;
  • ISPs & WISPs;
  • Manufacturers & system integrators;
  • Hotels;
  • Hospitals & medical centers;
  • Surveillance service providers.

Where to Use the RB1100 Routers?

Thanks to their comprehensive built-in features, the RB1100AHx4 and its Dude Edition can be quite effiicient regarding the network tasks below:

  • Centralized & site-to-site VPNs;
  • Hotspot internet;
  • Wireless controllers;
  • Radius server & AAA;
  • Content filtering;
  • Firewall configurations;
  • Network monitoring;
  • Dynamic routing protocols.