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netFiber 9: Outdoor Switching Done Right!

In the Footsteps of Predecessors

Ideal for switching within outdoor optical networks, MikroTik's new netFiber 9 switch, as the successor to the user-favorite FiberBox, combines remarkable performance with multiple powering options and highly satisfactory sturdiness.


Looking for an outdoor switch without any drama? Read on...

This Switch is Packing!

Equipped with 1x 1G Ethernet port, 5x 1G SFP ports, 1x console port, as well as 4x 10G SFP+ ports, this switch is quite capable of fitting in almost any type of network design and can help you implement numerous switching projects. Backing its performance quality and usage is a powerful ARM v7 CPU, together with a 256-MB DDR3 RAM and a level 5 RouterOS license.

netFiber 9: MikroTik's Outdoor Switch

What's more, the Gigabit Ethernet port is not there for mere management. With direct connection to the switch chip and its active/passive PoE-in support, you can enjoy full gigabit speed with a power failover feature to maximize device uptime. In addition to the 18-57 V PoE-in, the netFiber 9 is also equipped with a 18-57 V DC jack.


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Fret No More Over Long Distances

When it comes to the outdoors, the environment isn't the only concern. Significant and varying distances between network devices can prove challenging, and the greater the coverage of a device, the easier life will be!

netFiber 9 is capable of establishing and maintaining connections of over 100 meters, and, as it accommodates optic fibers, you can use this switch to avoid data loss and low ping while simultaneously tackling some common issues associated with copper lines, such as electromagnetic interference, tampering and even eavesdropping.

An All-Around Design

With the netFiber 9, as with other MikroTik hardware, it's not just about ports or the boards!

It's solid IP54 case design brings about perfect protection in dusty environments and, if combined with some light coverage, even the occasional splashes of water.

Furthermore, though this device has perfectly withstood temperature tests of -40 to +70 degrees Celsius, the massive heat sink on the back resolves any and all hear concerns.

Also, in addition to its simple mounting style suitable for poles, walls, or masts, a little bit of case customization below the ports removes the slightest possibility of wires tangled.

Need an Expert Opinion?

If you're interested to go over the possible ways you can use netFiber 9 in your outdoor networks, get in touch now and let's discuss the solutions this switch offers.