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MTCNA Home Lab Network: Trainee Router LAN Connection

Trainee LAN Connection

As promised, we are here with the fourth and final episode of MTCNA home lab network configurations. In this tutorial, we'll show you how easily you can connect your PC to the trainee router and finish your lab network.


Check out the video below and to prepare for an exciting MTCNA course ahead:

... Aaaand Done!

We started out by making the necessary settings to connect our class access point (R1) to our main home or office internet switch.

In episode two, we conducted the necessary configurations for the wireless connectivity of the class access point and set up half of the WAN connection between the class access point and the trainee router (R2).

In our third tutorial session for this network, we finalized the WAN connection between R1 and R2 by configuring the wireless and interface settings of R2, thus effectively joining the two routers in this course lab.

And today, in the fourth session of this tutorial, we're teaching you how to set up the basic settings necesary both on your R2 router and your PC in order to finalize this network.

Start from the Beginning

As mentioned, the entire configurations for this home lab network are freely provided in four episodes. In case you have just come across our tutorials for the MTCNA lab, see the three previous episodes below and start from the beginning.

Part 1:

Class Access Point Identity

Part 2:

Class Access Point Connections

Part 3:

Trainee Router WAN Connection

And, as always, in case you do not have the routers required for this home lab at hand, you can simply refer to our free online MTCNA course page to find more information about this course, check out our offer of a free MTCNA exam, and, of course, either buy or rent a couple of MikroTik routers for this at-home learning course.