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MTCNA Home Lab: Class AP Connections

Run the Class Access Point

In our previous tutorial on configuring a home lab network for the MTCNA course, we talked about the identity and the interface names on the first router of our home lab, i.e. the class access point.


In 7th session of our Toddler Tutorials and the second episode on this lab design, we're dealing with the LAN and WAN connections of this access point in order to connect it to the internet and setup its wireless connection with R2 or the trainee router.


See below for this short and simple tutorial. Also, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel for the rest of this tutorial:

Half-way There...

Finishing the configurations of the class access point in this lab network desgin is about half the job. We've so far connected R1 to the internet and established its wireless connection toward R2.


Next, we will connect the trainee router to the class access point, and later on prepare R2 and connect it to the trainee laptop so that we can start our main lessons of this course.

Missed the First Session?

In case you missed the previous session on the configurations of this home lab network, watch it below and make sure you're on the same page as you continue with this tutorial.

Need Routers?

In case you don't yet have the two MikroTik routers necessary for the setup of this network design, you can easily purchase or rent our recommended devices. Either refer to our Online MTCNA course page for more information or hit the button below to contact our hardware experts!