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MikroTik's Summer Inventory Just Got a Lot Hotter!

Creating Heatwaves throughout the Industry!

Whether you view it as 4th of July fireworks or simply a well-timed product launch to start off the summer, there is no doubt that a wave of excitement is about to hit MikroTik users!


In line with the recent and continuous expansion of their inventory, MikroTik has now brought its fans a new version of the all-too-popular RB5009 router and a pair of highly promising CRS and CSS switches.

Enterprise Switching to be Reckoned with...

1.2 Tbps switching capacity! We kid you not! Meet the CRS518-16XS-2XQ!


With 2x 100 Gigabit QSFP28 ports and 16x 25 Gigabit SFP28 ports - not to mention the dual-redundant hot-swappable power supplies and fans - the CRS518-16XS-2XQ is created to handle numerous tasks with the highest level of performance ever, including VLAN (802.1Q, 802.1ad), ACL, LACP, MLAG, Jumbo frames, and IGMP/MLD snooping, as well as L3 hardware offloaded routing thanks to its Marvell Prestera Aldrin2 switch-chip.

MikroTik has turned its attention to heavy-duty, enterprise-level performance, and in doing so, they have introduced an 18-port Cloud Router Switch designed to effectively fulfill the needs of businesses that handle big data and heavy traffic, such as data centers and enterprise networks.


We may be a little over-excited, but rest assured, the numbers don't lie!

Fan-Favorite RB5009 Gets an Upgrade!

When it first came out, the sleek RB5009UG+S+IN swept through the industry and drew an unprecedented level of attention. More so than anybody else, small to medium businesses benefitted greatly from this versatile hardware.


Now, MikroTik has rolled out a new, upgraded version of this popular router, the RB5009UPr+S+IN, this time with PoE-in and PoE-out on all ports!


Think about that for a second. With the ability to mount four RB5009UPr+S+INs in a single 1U rack - in addition to the Gigabit Ethernet, 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet, and a 10 Gigabit SFP+ cage for fiber connectivity - you actually have 10 separate ways of powering per device! This is a level of uninterrupted uptime never achieved by a single router.

All these power options support a voltage range of 24-57 V. Bear in mind, though, that you cannot mix the voltages. In short, the option with the highest voltage wins. If you’re using PoE-out to power other hardware in the vicinity, the board will choose the source with the highest voltage (DC jack or the 2-pin connector) to power those devices.


The same happens for powering the RB5009 itself. It will choose the input with the highest voltage for itself, and if that fails, it will simply fall back on the next highest voltage. Put simply, you can just forget about this device ever going down!

Rock Solid, Pocket-friendly, Heavy-duty Switch

Brushing past the compact size and the totally affordable price tag of the CSS610-8P-2S+IN (as is the case with many MikroTik hardware), one must know that this versatile switch has been designed and produced with a high degree of flexibility in mind.


Applicable to a wide range of projects - home networks and small offices to hotels, call centers and so on - the CSS610-8P-2S+IN carries a combination of 2x SFP+ and 8x Gigabit PoE-out Ethernet ports that makes it a truly cost-effective, practical, and reliable switch.

This device works with the lightweight SwitchOS, giving you complete core switching functionality for port-to-port forwarding, broadcasting storm control, applying MAC filters, configuring VLANs, mirroring traffic, applying bandwidth limitations, and even adjusting some MAC and IP header fields.


With no reason to worry about scalability due to its inexpensive price, you can use a CSS610 on every floor, powering up various devices as you go via the PoE-out ports and connecting to the ISP through the SFP+ ports.


Have a look below and see how the CSS610 can make life a whole lot easier!