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MikroTik's New App: Connect at Home

Tried MikroTik Home yet?

You probably remember that MikroTik started May with a brand new phone application, titled MikroTik Home, aimed to assist home users with essential device configurations. MikroTik Home can be used for quick, on-the-spot setups, network monitoring, and various other home applications when it comes to MikroTik hardware.

Missed MikroTik Home's announcement?

Watch MikroTik's video now!

By popular demand on the part of MikroTik users, we have decided to put together a brief introduction to MikroTik Home on how to use the app for device connection.

Let's get you acquainted!

Home users may find this app quite useful as it can reduce unnecessary travels, wait times, and technician expenses. Moreover, for individuals who are waiting their vaccination appointments, a few DIY device setups can help minimize face-to-face interactions and observe social distancing principles during the pandemic.

Therefore, we thought it would be suitable to provide you with a simple introductory video on how to connect to your MikroTik device with an smartphone, utilize 2.4 Ghz and/or 5 Ghz wireless interfaces if applicable, and assess your connection speed.

You can download MikroTik Home for Android on Google Play, with the iOS version promised for summer.

We used MikroTik's hAP ac2 for this tutorial.

You can find the hAP ac2 and browse MikroTik's inventory in our shop should you wish to purchase a product for training purposes.

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