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June 2021 Update: Free MTCNA, New Office Location, and More!

It's Been Quite a Busy Time!

With a free online MTCNA program for all, the first ever MikroTik certification by AT&T, brand new hardware, and our new office location, it's been quite an eventful period.

AT&T Certifies SXT LTE Kit-US

AT&T, one of the biggest cellular connectivity companies in the world, has certified the SXT LTE Kit-US (aka SXTR&R11e-LTE-US), indicating that this MikroTik router has fulfilled all technical requirements of the AT&T IoT certification module.

The SXT LTE Kit-US is now listed on AT&T's list of certified products.

MTCNA, Free of Charge from Home

Learn Network Management with Ease!

MTCNA is the first and most basic MikroTik certificate. Learn as you see fit: Anytime. Anywhere.

In partnership with MikroTik Canada, we are creating free online tutorials that cover all subjects taught in an MTCNA course session by session. Now, you have the opportunity to study for the MTCNA certificate at your own pace, within your daily commute, during lunch breaks, or from the safe comfort of your home, and prepare yourself for a chance of a free MTCNA exam!

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New Office, Better Services!

To serve our clients more efficiently, we have expanded our activities with the addition of a new office, moving our HQ from the previous address at 210A, 550 Alden Rd., Markham ON L3R 6A8 to:

Unit 14, 20 Steelcase Rd. W, Markham ON L3R 1B2

We now have same-day pickup for the Greater Toronto Area

7 days a week from 8 a.m. until 10 p.m.!

Hot on MikroTik's Shelves

New products have entered MikroTik's expanding inventory as can be seen below:

Pay the same price for more extensive features and longer distances with the new XS+2733LC15D SFP+ modules. The most recent MikroTik interface guarantees up to 25 Gbps throughput on a single optical cable for as far as 15 Kms.


Read about the evolution of MikroTik SFP modules.

The KNOT integrates many features to bring you a universal IoT gateway for various projects, including remote connections, asset tracking, sensor reading, RS485 Modbus to TCP/IP bridge, GPIO monitoring, and tag support.


Learn how the KNOT makes life easier!