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How Well Do You Know MikroTik?

Do You Even MikroTik, Bro?

Since 1996, MikroTik has been developing routers and wireless ISP (WISP) systems, and its hardware production will hit the 20-year milestone come 2022.

This company has a range of services, spanning from hardware to software to training and academic education, with each part available to MikroTik users and partners through a neatly-customized system.

In this article, we would like to take you on a tour and tell you all about the most important aspects of MikroTik and the ways you can go about receiving their hardware, services, support, trainings etc.

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Here's a complete introduction to MikroTik!

What Are MikroTik Products?

MikroTik develops a wide range of products, and, as per your needs, you can find hardware, management software, or one-stop solutions.

MikroTik's products fall into the following broad categories.

(Click on each title for more details.)

MikroTik currently offers its hardware and equipment in 13 different categories, namely:

  • Ethernet routers;
  • Switches;
  • Wireless systems;
  • Wireless for home & office;
  • LTE/5G products;
  • Data over powelines;
  • IoT (Internet of Things);
  • 60 Ghz products;
  • RouterBOARDs;
  • Enclosures;
  • Interfaces;
  • Accessories;
  • Antennas.

As for software, MikroTik has created and constantly updates the following utilities:

  • RouterOS
  • SwitchOS (SwOS)
  • WinBox
  • The Dude
  • NetInstall
  • Flashfig
  • Bandwidth Test

How Can I Purchase MikroTik Hardware?

MikroTik does not sell hardware directly to end-users. Instead, it uses a vast network of distributors, and you can make your purchases through your local certified MikroTik distributor.

In case you're located in Canada or the USA, you can place your orders with us right now!

MikroTik distributors, based on their experience and performance, are categorized as below:


MikroTik Resellers are bottom-level retailers of MikroTik hardware from whom you can purchase your products and possibly receive limted support as well.

Master Distributors

Master Distributors cover wider regions in terms of sales, offer greater support to end-users and also supply Resellers regarding their items.

Value-Added Distributors

Value-Added Distributors are Master Distributors who, based on experience & performance, offer all MikroTik products, highly expert support, and customized solutions.

How About Software?

MikroTik's software and software packages are readily available online, and you can easily download the available utilities, as well as their latest or previous upgrades.

MikroTik has created a webpage specifically for RouterOS, the operating system on many MikroTik hardware and equipment, and you can find a pool of information and resources to work effectively with RouterOS.

Moreover, we recommend that you regularly drop by MikroTik's Forum where the community of MikroTik users and experts are constantly exchanging their experiences and latest knowledge.

How Can I Get Support for MikroTik Hardware and Software?

Getting support when working with MikroTik products is quite important and at the same time, very easy.

You can receive the support you need in two ways: 1) Directly from MikroTik, or 2) Your local MikroTik distributor or consultant.

To receive support directly from MikroTik, simply refer to the Support section on their website, create an account in their support system, and simply create a ticket concerning your issue. Otherwise, you can find the contact information of your local distributors or consultants on MikroTik's website.

Does MikroTik Offer Training?

That is a big YEAH! MikroTik specializes in training certified consultants, trainers, and networking experts in general. They offer several training programs and certificates for those who wish to become Certified MikroTik Consultants or Trainers.

What Certificates Does MikroTik Offer?

MikroTik offers several certificates, each related to a certain level of expertise. The first and most fundamental MikroTik certificate that is a prerequisite for all other MikroTik certificate is MTCNA (MikroTik Certified Network Associate).

Down below, you can see the certificates MikroTik currently offers.

How Can I Become a MikroTik Consultant?

In order to become a Certified MikroTik Consultant, you will need to enter and successfully finish the MikroTik training program of your choice, beginning with MTCNA.


To do so, you can contact your local Certified MikroTik Trainer or Training Center to acquire information concerning their upcoming training programs. You can also refer to the full list of MikroTik training programs worldwide to find out what training classes have been scheduled.

How Can I Become a MikroTik Trainer?

MikroTik exclusively trains its trainers. Within its "Train the Trainer" program, MikroTik holds periodical training sessions and awards successful participants with official training certificates and the authorization to conduct MikroTik certified training courses anywhere around the world.


The requirement to take part in a Train the Trainer course are:


  • Valid MTCNA certificate with a score of over 75%;
  • Valid MikroTik engineer level certificate (a second MikroTik certificate after MTCNA) with a score of over 75%.


If you are interested, you are recommended to sign up here on the MikroTik website in order to be notified of any upcoming Train the Trainer programs.

What is a MikroTik Academy?

MikroTik defines MikroTik academies as:


"educational institutions such as universities, technical schools, colleges, vocational schools, and other educational institutions offering semester time based Internet networking courses for their academic students using MikroTik RouterOS as a learning tool."


Watch this video by MikroTik to learn more:

What are the Benefits of Being a MikroTik Academy?

  • Institutes attract more students by offering courses on MikroTik certificates.
  • Students can acquire knowledge on RouterOS and enroll in MikroTik courses.
  • Courses will be conducted by Certified MikroTik Trainers who are lecturers at the educational institutes.
  • MikroTik Appointed Coordinators will supervise the courses and provide consultancy and support.

How to Become a MikroTik Academy?

To apply for the MikroTik Academy program, all you need to do is to fill in the relevant online or PDF application form. You can also find and contact the MikroTik Appointed Coordinator in your country for more convenience as MikroTik Coordinators can facilitate and speed up the application process.


For more information, you may want to read the MikroTik Academy Program brochure.

Wireless Netware is the 1st - and the only - MikroTik Appointed Coordinator in Canada.

We will gladly assist Canadian institutes to become a MikroTik Academy.

Interested to Know More?

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