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Hot About MikroTik: Phone App & RouterOS Intro Video

MikroTik Goes Mobile. Again.

As April came to a close, MikroTik greeted its community of users with interesting news: A brand new phone app that will seemingly benefit home users.

This new mobile application, called MikroTik Home, will help home users conduct basic configurations on their devices concerning Wifi and Internet settings, device monitoring, parental control, and port forwarding.

While iPhone users need to wait for this summer, those of you who use Android can dive straight in, download the app, and give it a try.

Get a glimpse of MikroTik Home here.

RouterOS BETA Expands.

The most recent version of RouterOS v7 BETA, too, bears news:


  • If you work with MikroTik's Audience, non-LTE hAP ac3, or RB4011iGS+5HacQ2HnD-IN, you can now implement the 802.11ac WiFi 5 Wave 2 (MU-MIMO) - refer to MikroTik's documentation for detailed info;


  • Layer 3 hardware offloading support (L3HW) has also become available for the CRS3xx products; and,


  • You can now run SwOS on CRS354 devices via the "/system swos" menu, provided that you upgrade to the Stable Version 6.48.2.

Speaking of RouterOS...

Wish to learn about RouterOS? Start below!

We Have a Newcomer Intro Video!

As the main RouterBOARD management utility developed by MikroTik, RouterOS offers users unprecedented levels of autonymy regarding customized configurations.

As a result, in cooperation with MikroTik Canada as our sister company, we have produced a short introductory video - the first of a series - with the aim of familiarizing MikroTik users with RouterOS.

As we go further, we will continuously create more contents that deal with each and every aspect of RouterOS and its features.

What will you learn in this new video?

In this very first RouterOS video, we have covered the following topics:

How Goes MikroTik's Hardware Inventory?

In terms of hardware, MikroTik has recently introduced a number of new products, two of which are KNOT and RBGESP:



RBGESP is MikroTik's revision of its Gigabit Ethernet Surge Protector - which comes in an outdoor weatherproof casing (as shown in the image) - and it is used to protect your antennas and routers against lightnings and surges in electricity.


(Click here for detailed information on RBGESP.)


The KNOT, as the newest member of the Internet of Things (IoT) category, is a low-cost IoT gateway that utilizes Narrow Band and CAT-M technologies and offers a 2.4 GhZ wireless channel, Bluetooth interface, two 100 Mbps Ethernet ports, and a Micro USB slot.

(Click here for detailed information on the KNOT.)

To browse other MikroTik products and find more information about their devices, you can refer to MikroTik's products list.

In case you wish to make a purchase,

you can visit our Store and place your orders.

Did You See Our RouterOS Video?

As a reminder, you can watch the video below if you're interested to learn about RouterOS and Cloud Hosted Router (CHR) as a first step of becoming familiar with MikroTik's management utilities.