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High-gain 5 GHz CPE for a Dime!

Reliable Connectivity Need Not be Expensive

When it comes to internet connectivity and end-user network equipment, a constant concern is the final total price of the hardware being used. Understandable, of course, but thankfully, that is not an issue you should worry about when opting for MikroTik devices.


A client-favorite wireless hardware, the DISC Lite5 ac-US is one such affordable piece of equipment that can be used at your customers place of business or residence to provide excellent connections for a very reasonable price.

Perfect Cost-Benefit Combo

MikroTik's DISC, its name well-suited to its sleek, space-friendly design, is a customer premise equipment (CPE) that provides effective 5 GHz wireless connectivity.


The DISC Lite5 ac-US enjoys the presence of a 21 dBi dual chain antenna and 802.11a/n/ac integrated wireless, easily making this device much more efficient in comparison with previous models when it comes to distance coverage.


The DISC Lite5 ac-US's performance runs on a 716 MHz CPU and 256 MB RAM, powered by a 10-28 V passive PoE-in that brings the total power consumption of this device to a mere 7 W.


A single Gigabit Ethernet port is available for management purposes, and, similar to all other MikroTik hardware, mounting is quite effortless with a simple mounting ring, though this device is compatible with SXT mounting systems, as well, such as the quickMOUNT pro series.

Thanks to its enhanced antenna, the DISC Lite5 ac-US is a notable improvement on its predecessors. Have a glance at the picture below.


In similar conditions in terms of line of sight, interference, alignment, weather, and other outside factors, the DISC easily outperforms the SXTsq 5 ac.


The RouterOS Level 3 allows users to use the DISC Lite5 ac-US as a CPE or for 5 GHz Point-to-Point links. Moreover, this wireless access point has IPsec hardware acceleration support, meaning it can serve you to achieve increased network security via traffic encryption.

Your Choices are Unlimited!

This hardware is one of many MikroTik hardware that are reasonably affordable for a number of different networks and connectivity projects.


MikroTik hardware vary from industry-grade powerhouses to small and highly practical home or office equipment, covering a wide range of prices and offering numerous features to be used for very specific purposes.


Let us help you choose the best possible inventory of devices that precisely fit your demands and bring about the maximum cost-efficiency required. Save time, money and resources by making the smartest choice!