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Fresh Blood to the Switching Inventory

Switches are on the March!

After a number of months with only MikroTik Ethernet routers in the headlines, a brand new switch is about to climb up onto the shelves!


Here's a first look at the MikroTik CRS310-1G-5S-4S+IN: A budget-friendly indoor switch with 10G fiber connectivity, most suited for small offices, SMBs, and specifically, small to medium ISPs.

Check out the video below and let Normunds explain more:

Small Yet Quite Handy...

This switch aims to deliver reliable 10G fiber connectivity for distances above 100 meters, which is quite optimal for the case of small offices and ISPs.


With 5 Gigabit SFP ports and 4 10G SFP+ ports, the new CRS310 has been introduced as the indoor variation of the user-favorite switch netFiber 9, and MikroTik itself recommends this device as a replacement for its CRS212-1G-10S-1S+IN.


Moreover, with the advnaced ARM v7 CPU, 256 MB of RAM, and a Gigabit Ethernet port with PoE-in (in addition to the DC jack), you can expect a significantly improved performance while enjoying maximied uptime!

Twofold and Beyond!

As mentioned above, MikroTik considers the CRS310-1G-5S-4S+IN the perfect replacement for its CRS212. With superior processing, sufficient RAM, and more efficient cooling, that is no surprise.


This switch offers support for hardware offloaded VLAN-filtering and can even provide you with some limited layer 3 routing features.


Check out the table below. As you can see, the CRS310 is showing an all-around greater performance than its fellow indoor switch.

Long-distance Networking? No Problem!

If you previously struggled with connectivity issues arising from long distances between your switches, you can now finally be at peace.


The CRS310 works quite efficiently for indoor connections exceeding 100 meters, and it is able to keep data loss and your ping noticeably low. For the best experience, seek optical fiber to avoid any type of intereference, electromagnetic or otherwise.

More and more connectivity hardware are entering the market. The rapid, almost back-to-back emergence of new companies and services that demand greater and faster data transfer, together with the development of different hardware components such as more advanced CPUs, creates the need for gradual upgrades to our networks.


Act today and contact us. Whether you're an ISP or a small to medium business, let's talk about the current condition of your network and see if you require such a change in the foreseeable future. If necessary, we'll walk you through every step to enhance your connectivity and give you the upper hand in your business!