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Electric Shocks Shall Not Pass!

Weather the Storms... Literally.

When it comes to safety, Voltaire is famously quoted when he wrote, "It is the danger which is least expected that soonest comes to us." If that's the case, how about those perils that we actually foresee, such as lightning shocks, perhaps?

Lightning strikes and electric surges are one of the most common threats to antennas and network setups. Prior preparation goes a long way. That's why MikroTik has added a revised version of its classic GESP and a brand new device, the GESP+PoE-IN to its accessories to put your mind at ease!

Maximum Security for a Dime

The revised GESP and the new GESP+PoE-IN can each be used separately and effectively for a max impulse spark-over voltage of 700 V. However, put them together, and you never have to worry about electric surges or static build-up again.


Putting the GESP on the mast gets the job done concerning the antennas. The revised GESP comes with a new and enhanced IP67 (international protection code) weatherproof case and is no stranger to outdoor conditions.


For further protection to your devices on the ground, as well as a power alternative for the antennas, you can use the GESP+POE-IN. In case you're located in regions with frequent storms and lightning showers, using a surge protector on both ends of long wires is recommended.


For a small price, using the GESP and the GESP+PoE-IN can help reduce network point of failures, and, of course, safeguard hundreds of dollars worth of equipment and priceless data.

Don't Forget!

Do not forget the grounding wire! No matter how advanced your equipment is, the grounding is a must! Attach it to the rackmount, mast, or any other object or structure that is connected to the ground.


Moreover, these surge protectors are sturdy enough to take multiple impacts. However, we suggest you check their status after every major surge event to make sure they're woking fully prepared for any upcoming event.

Two Little Things on the Side

By the way, MikroTik has also intorduced two new outdoor AC/DC power supply units, the MTP250-53V47-OD and the MTP250-26V94-OD with reliable IP67 outdoor cases.


The MTP250-53V47-OD yields 53V at 250W, while the output of the MTP250-26V94-OD is 26V at 250W. With these two power adapters, you can start using MikroTik's own trusted power supplies and no longer worry about the incompatibility of third-party powering equipment.


For more information on these devices and more, get in touch with our hardware specialists today.