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CCR1072: Going All In

Large Network Zones? Worry Not!

The CCR1072-1G-8S+, currently the top MikroTik Ethernet router price-wise, does not stand at the top of MikroTik's Ethernet routers only in terms of its price tag!


With a max throughput of almost 80 Gbps, this device runs large crowded network zones like you cannot believe!


Watch the video below to find out:

Here's a Recap...

The CCR1072 boasts a powerful 72-core 1 Ghz (1.2 Ghz if clocked) that can accommodate as many as 2000 active users on a network.


With a level 6 RouterOS license and an all-SFP+ port arrangement (save the single boot Ethernet port), you can think of the CCR1072 as one of those top gamers in the online world who only plays in the elite leagues!


Moreover, this router comes with a MicroSD memory card slot, a Type A and a Type A/B USB port, as well as two M.2 PCIe onboard memory slots that enable users to upgrade the capacity of their router and conduct large data network activities (e.g. content filtering, network monitoring, etc.) with ease.

Which Industry Uses the CCR1072?

With a remarkably high throughput, as well as two hot-swap power supplies, the CCR1072 combines great performance with a maximum uptime and keeps your network going day-in and day-out!


The industries and businesses that use the CCR1072 include:

  • College and universtiy campuses;
  • Managed IT services;
  • ISPs & WISPs;
  • Data centers;
  • Government buildings;
  • Agriculture;
  • Manufacturers;
  • System integrators;
  • Hotels;
  • Health & medical centers;
  • Surveillance systems;
  • Transportation.

What Solution Does It Bring?

The CCR1072 has it all. Powerful processing unit, power failover, hardware acceleration, the ability to have an extensive storage capacity, SFP+ ports; you name it!

Practically, for up to 2000 simultaneously active users on your network, there isn't anything this hardware can't accomplish:

  • Centralized VPNs;
  • Site-to-site VPNs;
  • RADIUS server management
  • Triple A;
  • Firewall and online security;
  • Network monitoring;
  • Dynamic routing protocols;
  • Wireless controller.