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Coronavirus Health Issue


March 02, 2020


Dear Customers,


We are closely monitoring and strictly following precautions regarding the coronavirus. Please check the World Health Organization website for advice for the public.


Wireless Netware has substantial inventory, and we will be able to meet the needs of our customers with minimal disruption to the 5000+ products we stock.


Q. What steps are you taking to diminish the impact of this issue?

A. We are proactively communicating with MikroTik and our partners to gauge the impact for them.

Q. Do you anticipate any issues with stock availability?

A. Due to our inventory position and continual communication with our MikroTik to confirm availability, we believe we are currently in a strong inventory position.

Q. Are any specific products affected more than others?

A. Availability of our line card is largely unaffected, with potential increased demand for safety related products and devices.

Q. Do you anticipate any problems with shipping of product?

A. Multiple carrier partner options such as UPS, Canada Post, and DHL are working to mitigate impact on customer's cargo plans.

Q. Do products from Asia present a contamination risk?

A. No. Currently there is no evidence to support transmission of Coronavirus associated with imported goods.