Empowering Connectivity: The ETU & Wireless Netware Advantage



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The Power of ETU Transceivers Unleashed

Enhancing Connectivity with ETU Transceivers: A Game-Changer for ISPs





In the dynamic landscape of of internet service provision, the quality and reliability of networking equipment are paramount. That's why at Wireless Netware, we're excited to announce our latest acquisition: a new batch of ETU transceivers. But what makes ETU stand out in the crowded market of networking solutions?

ETU - A Synonym for Quality and Compatibility
Why Wireless Netware Chooses ETU
Our Recommendation
ETU - A Synonym for Quality and Compatibility

ETU-Link Technology Co., Ltd, renowned for its commitment to innovation and quality in the optical transceiver field, offers a range of products that stand at the forefront of technology. Their offerings are not just about superior performance; they are also about versatility and compatibility with major brands like MikroTik. This ensures that businesses, regardless of their existing network infrastructure, can seamlessly integrate ETU products for enhanced connectivity.

Why Wireless Netware Chooses ETU
Our Recommendation

Why Choose ETU Products? Discover the Advantages


ETU's range of optical transceivers and networking solutions are designed with the modern digital landscape in mind. Whether you're an ISP, a data center, or a business seeking reliable and high-performance networking components, ETU products offer numerous benefits:

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  • 10g-sfp-lr-1310nm-20km-lc.jpg
  • 10g-sfp-copper-t-rj45-80m.jpg
  • 125g-bidi-sfp-tx1550rx1310nm-3km-lc.jpg
  • 25g-sfp28-sr-850nm-100m-lc.jpg
  • 125g-sfp-lx-1310nm-2km-lc-.jpg
  • 125g-sfpsx-850nm-550m-lc.jpg

 High-Speed Performance:

Achieve data rates ranging from 1.25Gbps to 25Gbps, perfect for various applications including Gigabit Ethernet, Fiber Channel, and more.

Extended Reach:

With options supporting distances from 100 meters up to 20 kilometers, ETU transceivers are ideal for both short-range and long-distance communication needs.


Facilitates easy installation and maintenance without disrupting the network, thanks to their hot-pluggable design.

Environmental Compliance:

All products are RoHS compliant, reflecting ETU's commitment to environmental responsibility and user safety.

Versatile Operating Temperatures:

Products are designed to operate within a wide range of temperatures, making them suitable for various industrial and commercial environments.

Digital Diagnostic Monitoring (DDM): 

Enhanced network reliability through real-time monitoring of the transceiver's performance metrics.

Robust Construction:

Durable, all-metal housing in select models provides superior EMI performance and long-term reliability.


Comprehensive Warranty and Support: 

Backed by excellent warranty services and customer support, ensuring peace of mind and satisfaction with every purchase.

Compatibility Testing

ETU's products, support various brands of equipment like MikroTik, and undergo strict quality control and switching test before shipment to ensure the compatibility. 

ETU's innovative approach to optical networking solutions guarantees not just an enhancement of your current network's capabilities but also a forward-looking investment in the infrastructure that will stand the test of time.



The digital age demands nothing but the best in connectivity solutions. For ISPs looking to upgrade or expand their service offerings, ETU's range of transceivers represents a strategic investment. Wireless Netware is proud to facilitate this leap forward in networking technology, ensuring that our clients, and theirs, enjoy reliable, high-quality internet services. Explore our new ETU transceiver selection today and join us in setting new standards in the ISP industry.

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