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MikroTik RouterBOARDs and Hardware

RouterBOARD: MikroTik's Backbone

Ever since 2002 and the birth of RouterBOARDs, MikroTik has been developing its array of internet connectivity hardware. It goes without saying, however, that the RouterBOARD trademark was, and still is, the solid foundation on which all other MikroTik products have thrived.

RouterBOARDs and MikroTik's Hardware

Given this long history of hardware manufacturing and the fact that MikroTik has recently stepped up its hardware production game with accessories such as RBGESP and IoT equipment like the KNOT, it would be a good idea to brush up on MikroTik's online inventory.


For this purpose, we have provided you with another short video down below for an easy overview of all MikroTik product categories, briefly touching upon a few important points that one needs to bear in mind when browsing and purchasing MikroTik's hardware.

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MikroTik's Product Categories

Currently, MikroTik hardware fall under 13 categories, with some product found in more than one category based on their diverse functions. These categories include:

How to Purchase MikroTik Hardware?

MikroTik sells its hardware and accessories through a worldwide network of resellers, master distributors, and value-added distributors. To purchase MikroTik products, you can browse and find your local MikroTik certified distributor or click below to visit our online shop.

For consultancy regarding purchasing MikroTik products most suited to your needs, as well as instructions for their configuration, you can always get in touch with a MikroTik certified consultant or get in touch with our colleagues at Wireless Netware.

Free Online MTCNA Program

To help users learn all about MikroTik hardware and software, we have decided to provide MikroTik enthusiasts with MikroTik's most basic course in network management, the MTCNA. This online course, which is completely free, helps you learn the basics of network management using MikroTik hardware.

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