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LtAP mini LTE kit Says Adios!

In with the New...

Less than a week ago, MikroTik introduced the addition of unique and brand new products to its hardware inventory.


In particular, the RB5009UG+S+IN, the very first Ethernet router of MikroTik's 5xxx series, made headlines with its distinctive design, variety of ports, and one-of-a-kind rack installation.

If you're just hearing about the pioneer RB5009UG+S+IN, don't miss our article on the device that MikroTik calls "the Perfect Home Lab Router!"

Upgrading the Arsenal

Quite naturally, new products with upgraded performances and enhanced designs are destined to gradually find their place among other equipment, and, as MikroTik mentioned in its introductory video for the RB5009, this device is already nudging aside a few MikroTik hardware, particularly the RB4011iGS+RM.

Mind you, the RB4011, as the predecessor of new-gen MikroTik Ethernet routers, is still both highly recommended and quite well-received as a result of its 10-port build, the same bulletproof ARM 64bit CPU architecture, cheaper price, sturdy construct, and its max total throughput of 10 Gbps.

Put briefly, the RB4011 gets the job done! And as a MikroTik value-added master distributor, we at Wireless Netware have this item available and fully support customers with technical consultancy for this device.

Now, the RB4011 Ethernet router has a wireless version as well, the RB4011iGS+5HacQ2HnD-IN, as shown above.


Given the fact that the RB5009 is officially exchanging blows with the RB4011, you'd think it would be a reasonable prediction that a wireless version of the RB5009 will soon be on the heels of the wireless RB4011.


Well, you'd be correct! Word on the wire is a wireless version of the RB5009 is now being developed and might become available in the near future and sooner than anticipated.

Out with the Old!

Coming to the issue at hand, the recent steady arrival of novel MikroTik products and the introduction of newer technologies and better performance (e.g. the Chateau 5G, the RB5009, and the new RB2004) are inevitably bringing about a step-by-step replacement of older products.


As we recently found out, one such product that has gone off the production line is the LtAP mini LTE kit - both US (North America) and International versions. As a result, Wireless Netware no longer has this item available. Other certified MikroTik distributors may still have this product in stock, though, and browsing their inventory won't hurt.


While the LtAP mini LTE kit is still useful for addressing LTE network needs, the discontinuation of this product serves to show an approaching shift in MikroTik's LTE and WiFi 6 roadmap so you might want to keep an eye out for new product announcements in the LTE device category.

In conclusion, in case you were thinking about creating a network that could utilize the LtAP mini LTE kit, you can still go ahead with that decision. However, if the need isn't too pressing, you might want to hold off on that thought.


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