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Log as a Firewall Filter

Simultaneously Fast & Convenient

Imagine this: You're trying to trouleshoot a connectivity issue. Packets are going about their away throughout your network, and you've got a number of devices with different IP addresses and interfaces around. Sounds like a challenge, doesn't it?

Well, it doesn't have to be. Rapid simultaneous troubleshooting of different devices in real-time is possible in MikroTik's RouterOS without the need for other applications and troubleshooting tools. Too good to be true?

Watch the video below to find out:

How Does Log Help?

As mentioned in our previous post, RouterOS's Log provides you with a great deal of information concerning the events and conditions of your devices, which, collectively between different hardware, can provide you with a very comprehensive overview of your network.


However, as the main log window in RouterOS does not have an option for monitoring the ICMP protocol - the underlying protocol for Ping and Tracerouter packets - we can easily define the logging action as a filter rule in RouterOS's firewall menu.


This log filter can easily monitor forwarded, output and input traffic on any device interface and report back much-needed information for network managers.

We're just getting started! Don't miss out!

What's Next?

Make sure you subscribe to our channel and tune in for our upcoming videos. We have just scratched the surface of RouterOS abilities, and from here on out, it just keeps getting more interesting!


In our upcoming videos, we're gonna approach the subjects of network monitoring and traffic flow, helping you learn the behavior of networks, their devices, and packets.


Moreover, make sure you haven't missed our previous tutorial, in which we introduced Log and discussed the necessity of using it as a filter rule in RouterOS's firewall configurations.

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