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Handle a Tough Situation Comfortably...

Work Smarter, Not Harder...

Take a look at the picture above:


A network expert, on the floor in a tight spot next to a server rack, with a laptop at hand and a wire running from his PC and disappearing in a pool of intertwined cables...


This setting, shown in hundreds of almost identical photos, has become the prevalent image of a network technician hard at work. But does it have to be this uncomfortable?

Proper Tools Make Life Easier

Suitable, efficient tools make the difference between success and failure in any type of work. You could cut a piece of wood with a file but just imagine how long and painful that'll be.


The same goes for network management. Once you learn what hardware and accessories to use and where, you'll handle an assignment comfortably instead of suffering a lengthy and painstaking process of ups and downs...


While we should have enough flexibility at work to try and deal with any type of predictable or unforeseen issue, we needn't sacrifice convenience and comfort since that will negatively impact performance in the long run.


You must have heard this a lot but you don't have to work hard! You gotta be smart!

MikroTik Has You Covered!

Take the situation at the beginning of this post and imagine you have the teeny tiny mAP lite in your desk drawer.


Just a tad bigger than a matchbox, the mAP lite can stick to any surface, and, with its only 10/100 Ethernet port, it can be easily connected to any hardware of your choice.


Once the mAP is connected, you can comfortably sit at your workstation, have the full view of your network and all its details in larger screens, and connect to your tiny wireless access point for any necessary configurations.


Here's what we mean:

Interested in learning how to set up a similar network?

Visit our channel below!

What can this Teeny Magic Box Do?

The mAP lite, MikroTik's smallest Ethernet router yet, can fulfill your needs in a number of roles such as a travel router, a client device to improve laptop signal range or a configuration device for your servers.


With a 650 MHZ CPU and 64 MB RAM, this router cna provide you with a number of networking solutoins, some of which are:



  • Creating a secure backdoor access to your network;
  • Establishing secure SSH/Telnet connections from the mAP lite to the device you wish to manage from a more convenient location;
  • Omitting any man-in-the-middle when you wish to remotely manage the network;
  • Receiving a free DNS update to keep a record of your dynamic IP address and any given changes; and,
  • Implementing a secure VPN solution when working from home or travelling outside the country.

Where to Learn This and Much More?

We've spent years learning through practice, trial and error, and numerous references, and we're glad to be of help!


Our free online training tutorials, currently focused on MikroTik's most fundamental training program, i.e., MTCNA (MikroTik Certified Network Associate), are available on YouTube, where you can learn how to work with RouterOS and familiarize yourself with MikroTik hardware.


Develop your knowledge of network management and acquire the skills needed to become a network consultant, manage your home or office network, and save time and money on all that tech support whenever something goes wrong.


Here's a taste: Learn how to install, upgrade or reinstall and recover RouterOS on a given device in about 20 minutes:

Courses Galore!

The online tutorials on our YouTube Channel are just part of the training we offer. If you're keen on attending more advanced MikroTik engineering courses, just refer to the training schedule on our website.


Before you go, don't forget that once the free online MTCNA program is fully posted on YouTube, you will have the chance of sitting a free MTCNA exam as well!

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