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From Newcomers to Networkers

Building Futures Together: Canada's Legacy of New Beginnings


Canada stands as a vibrant mosaic, a country shaped and enriched by the dreams and efforts of immigrants. From its earliest days to the present, every family has a story of arrival, of hope, and of building a life in a new land. At Wireless Netware, we honor this legacy by supporting the newest members of our community, understanding that, at some point, we or our ancestors were all newcomers here.

Our Shared Heritage


The story of Canada is written at the hands of those who came from afar, seeking a better life. Whether your family came here one, two, or three generations ago, or you are the first to arrive, your journey adds to the diverse fabric of our nation. This country was built on the courage of families and individuals who took the significant risk of leaving everything familiar behind to contribute to what Canada is today.

Hard Times When You Move


When you move to Canada, there are many new things to learn and do. You might need to learn a new language or find a new job, which can be tough, especially if you have a family to take care of. We understand these problems because we went through them too.  The pressure to provide a comfortable and secure life for loved ones adds an extra layer of complexity to the already challenging process of professional integration. It's a journey that can be overwhelming, filled with uncertainty and stress.

How We Support Your Journey


In the spirit of Canada's tradition of welcoming and supporting newcomers, Wireless Netware offers a helping hand to immigrants seeking to find their place in the IT sector. We provide a free MikroTik Certified Network Associate (MTCNA) course, a gateway for those new to Canada to gain valuable skills and certifications in networking with MikroTik technologies. MikroTik is a company that makes equipment for the internet, and knowing how to use it can help you get a good job. This course is a step towards securing meaningful employment and establishing a stable, fulfilling career in Canada. The certification you'll earn is recognized across the industry, opening doors to meaningful employment opportunities.

The Path to Professional Growth


Our commitment goes beyond education. We've established the MikroTik Jobs section on our website, designed to connect our course graduates with employment opportunities. We understand the challenges of finding a job in a new country, and we're here to ease that journey, offering a bridge to employment for those who've shown the initiative to learn and grow with us. This commitment stems from our own experiences as immigrants. We've faced the challenges, felt the uncertainty, and navigated the complexities of starting anew in a professional landscape far from home. 

By taking our free MTCNA course, you're not just learning; you're joining a group of people who understand what it's like to be new in Canada. We help each other and share what we know. This course is a way to make friends, learn something valuable, and find a job that you like.


In Conclusion


In Canada, we are all part of a continuing story of immigration and building lives together. Our free MTCNA course and job support services are how we contribute to this story, helping the newest members of our community to start their chapters. At Wireless Netware, we welcome you to Canada, not just to a country, but to a community and a shared journey of growth and opportunity.

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