Wireless Netware

MikroTik Training Center


  • MikroTik's RB3011 and RB4011 are highly capable ethernet routers that come with 10 gigabit ethernet ports, dual- and quad-core CPUs, hardware encryption features, and a reliable CPU traffic distribution that ensures the smooth and unfailing operation of any network. The third session of our MikroTik Hardware series provides you with a review of these two highly effective ethernet routers.

  • In the second session of our MikroTik Hardware series, we will be reviewing the RB2011 Ethernet Router family. Manufactured by MikroTik in 2011, these routers are useful for creating internet hotspots, content filtering and firewall setup. They've also been well-received by the education industry, managed IT and VoIP service providers, (w)ISPs, system integrators, event organizers, as well as public places and camp sites.

  • MikroTik has an extensive range of hardware with various features and capabilities that makes them suitable for numerous connectivity projects. In the first episode of our MikroTik Hardware series, we review the hEX family of ethernet routers to learn about their specifications, see the differences between their features, and understand how they can be used in various industries.

  • MikroTik established its hardware production lines with the RouterBOARD back in 2002, and ever since, it has been expanding its inventory with a vast array of products used for various types of small, medium and large-scale networks and connectivity projects. We have prepared a short video to review MikroTik's hardware and familiarize ourselves with their product categories.