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MikroTik Training

At the MikroTik training center, we teach you to torch the network by improving your troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.

  • Following our previous video in which we introduced you to the diagnostic tool of Traceroute in MikroTik's RouterOS, in this session, we're going to look at Traceroute in action to see how it works and how it can go hand in hand with Torch, a powerful network monitoring tool, that will help you gain a much clearer picture of your network if need be.

  • In the 12th session of our free online MTCNA tutorials, we'll be taking a look at the second commonly-used troubleshooting and network diagnostic tool in RouterOS. This utility, called the Traceroute, is more advanced than Ping and allows you to follow the route, as well as the devices, through which a trace packet passes as it tries to reach its IP destination host.

  • Having reviewed the fundamentals of ping as a basic and highly useful ICMP-based network diagnostic tool, we're going to use ping in practice and utilize this diagnostic software and check the connectivity status of out-interfaces and source addresses previously set on our MTCNA lab's Class Access Point.

  • Most pivotal to the fundamentals of managing online networks is the ability to troubleshoot networks and tackle any connectivity issues that may arise. Troubleshooting is a vast field, yet it all starts with basic though highly useful tools. In this video, we'll go over the Ping software utility to see what it is and how it works.

  • In the fourth and final video on the MTCNA home lab network, we'll teach you how to configure the trainee router as well as your own trainee laptop/PC in order to complete this network diagram and easily prepare for the highly practical MTCNA tutorials ahead. In case you haven't seen our video, make sure you watch this entire four-episode tutorial and set up a very useful home course lab.

Why Join Wireless Netware Mikrotik Training Center

Are you looking to take full advantage of your time at MikroTik Training Center? Then, you may want to become a MikroTik Certified Consultant. If you’re a Wireless Netware partner, accomplish the training to become a local MikroTik expert, earn additional income and help your local community get adequate wireless network access. 


Becoming a part of the Wireless Netware community is a very big decision, which automatically gives you distinction and privileges in the community. After receiving MikroTik certifications, our consultants join a close-knit community, which offers you a chance to improve your business. We call it Technology Fraternity. After completing the course, you get a chance to participate in various workshops. You’re also eligible for special Wireless Netware benefits for Certified Consultants.