Wireless Netware BLOG

  • Quite similar to Backup but with slightly different yet fundamental differences, Import and Export are two other features of RouterOS that are highly useful for network managers and system integrators when it comes to mass configurations, integrations, RouterOS branding, and so on. Watch this video to learn how you can export and import router configurations, how they differ from backup, and what you need to know when using these features.

  • The time has come to retire the wAP LTE kit-US as it is being discontinued by MikroTik. Nevertheless, a high-quality and more efficient alternative is already available that can easily provide you with reliable LTE service, even in the most far-off rural areas where no other hardware can perform. Why not take a look at the wAP ac LTE6 kit?

  • MikroTik is expanding its inventory of 100G connectivity hardware, and this month, it is time for interfaces and accessories! With compatible cables and interfaces, the possibilities and opportunities of using MikroTik 100G devices increased dramatically, and now that complementary items are inbound, you can think of much more practical and efficient 100G setups.