Wireless Netware BLOG

  • The four CCR1036 Ethernet routers are some of the most powerful MikroTik routers that can be used to establish a strong core network. Equipped with a dual PSU, a 36-core CPU, hardware acceleration, and a free M.2 PCI express slot for memory extension, these four routers are able to serve a variety of different network designs. They are highly useful for branch businesses and enterprises that have different remote locations.

  • The two CCR1016 Ethernet routers, as gigabit- and SFP-specific cloud core routers, are able to power entire networks with about 12 to approximately 20 Gbps throughput. With 12 ports each and two AC supplies for power failover, the CCR1016 routers can act as core and edge routers for a variety of networks.

  • The CCR1009 Ethernet router series are three of MikroTik's Cloud Core Routers that can assume a number of roles in a variety of netwroks. With nine CPU cores directoly supporting their seven gigabit Ethernet ports, the CCR1009 family of routers guarantees speed while offering you a full plate of other features to undertake numerous tasks such as traffic encryption, upgradable storage, network monitoring, cache filtering, establishing VPN, and so much more!