Wireless Netware BLOG

  • The newest addition to MikroTik's list of Ethernet routers is the CCR2004-16G-2S+, with a QuadCore CPU, 4 GB RAM and a full size USB port to address any storage needs. Soon to hit the shelves, this Ethernet router provides you with fast and efficient throughputs, and, available for just under 600 CAD, it is an affordable all-in-one solution for medium to small businesses.

  • The CCR2004, as the pioneer of a new generation of MikroTik Ethernet routers, utilizes the modern ARM 64bit CPU architecture to achieve great throughput levels and data processing capacities. With 12 SFP+ and 2 SFP28 ports, the CCR2004-1G-12S+2XS Ethernet router has proven itself as a no-fuss one-time solution connectivity hardware.

  • With 72 CPU cores and a maximum throughput of about 80 Gbps, two hot-swap power supply units, hardware acceleration, a MicroSD memory card slot, 2 onboard M.2 PCIe slots, and many other features, MikroTik's CCR1072-1G-8S+ Ethernet router looks pretty prepared to take on and tackle the toils of crowded networks!