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4 Easy Steps to Protect Client Devices

Securing a Network Couldn't be Easier!

Cyber security can never be taken for granted, and it is always necessary to make sure your security measures are up to date in order to protect yourself from the latest threats.


Nevertheless, as important as they are, putting basic online security measures in place are neither difficult nor complex. Watch the video below to see how you can protect both your main device and the client networks beyond with 4 easy firewall rules in RouterOS:

Here's a Synopsis for the Skeptics...

As we talked in previous tutorials, you can use connection states, i.e. new, established, related and invalid, to teach your router what the LAN and WAN are.

Simultaneously, you can easily use firewall filter actions to accept new, established and possible related connections, while dropping invalid connections, as well as all other traffic that is directed toward your router from the WAN.


With four rules with the input chain, you can secure your main router against outside traffic, and, quite similarly, with four other rules with the forward chain, you will make sure no malicious traffic gets past you toward client devices and the networks beyond.

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MTCNA is Truly a Piece of Cake!

Just like the few tutorials above show, working with MikroTik's RouterOS isn't that difficult. With very simple explanations, we teach you how to operate your router and how to configure basic settings so that you can take matters into your own hands!


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